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Lance Pruitt

Running for State House

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Save The PFD Grade:   Part of the Problem

Survey Responses:

Should the amount of the PFD be calculated according to the traditional formula in current state law (AS 43.23.025) until such time as the people of Alaska have the opportunity to vote on the question in a statewide public vote?

Refused to Answer

If elected, will you support legislation providing for a statewide public advisory vote by the people of Alaska on whether the amount of the PFD may be reduced to provide for government spending?

Refused to Answer

Should calculation of the PFD be enshrined in the Constitution of the State of Alaska?

Refused to Answer

Have you ever taken a position contrary to the positions you have expressed in this survey? If so, please explain.

Refused to Answer

Prioritized a $ 1 Billion bailout of the oil industry over paying the full dividend this year.

You Can Make a Difference

Your financial gift helps save the PFD, your PFD, from greedy politicians.